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Excel Interim SA

Site www.excel-interim.com
Type Médiateur

Excel Interim is a division of Angela Mortimer Plc, a leading secretarial recruitment consultancy. We use the term ‘consultancy’ advisedly: we are not just another temporary agency concerned with shifting candidates, meeting targets, and filling quotas, with eyes fully fixed on the short term. The real difference and what sets us apart from our competitors is in the quality of service we offer.

Who else spends one hour or more interviewing candidates for short term employment? We look at you as a person, not as a peg to fit a slot. Which means looking at far more than just your qualifications or experience. We look at your talent, your goals, what you want out of life. If you prefer a more flexible career, we can match that too.

We specialise in multilingual support staff jobs, from junior through to senior positions, working for multinational companies based in and around Brussels.

Most of our successful candidates are multilingual, motivated, flexible and dynamic. They use and improve the languages they have learned to date and expect to work proactively at all times.

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