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Square One Resources

Site www.squareoneresources.com
Type Médiateur
Secteur Ressources humaines, RH
Année de fondation 1995
Nombre d'employés moins de 500 employés

Since we were founded in 1995, Square One have provided specialist recruitment services to the IT and ERP sectors.

Based in London’s bustling Devonshire Square, we have over 120 employees, 10 specialised teams and the capability to work on an international scale.

Our consultants specialise in one vertical. As genuine experts, they know their market and where to find great talent all over the world.

There's a reason we have thousands of permanent staff and contractors on our database. We work to form long-term relationships based on trust.

Square One was started over 22 years ago by our four shareholders, and after two decades we're still privately owned.

Square one thrives on its independent culture and ethos, created by our employees that work relentlessly for our clients and candidates to deliver the best talent in the industry. 

We have the foundations of a strong family that all work together living the values and working towards our own individual dreams and Square One's goals.

Because we recruit for the best, we need the best. Ambition is good but drive is essential. 

Square One will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your personal goals. When we are successful, you will be rewarded accordingly. Have you got what it takes to become a Square Oner?

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